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NBRP-Wheat started to charge handling and shipping fees from April 2011. Recently, we reviewed the amount of fees and decided to change them. The basic fees per request will be changed from 2900 JPY to 4900 JPY (less than 300 grams) and from 3200 JPY to 5200 JPY (less than 500 grams). This change is mainly due to user's wishes for on demand shipping. The change will be effective after April 1st, 2011 (9:00 am, Japanese Standard Time). We ask the valued users to understand the new fee system. Thank you very much.

NBRP Strains 13013 Genes 2942
NBRP cDNA 1252563 Marker 9726
Others Strains 7635 References 3098
NBRP strain list (Selected by categories)    ( Selected by institutions)
  Triticum and Aegilops (12134 lines) Collection sites map
Wild species (4775)
Triticum (803)
Aegilops ( 3972 )
Landrace/Cultivar/Breeders line (5807)
Experimental line (1552)
Mutant (73)
Isogenic line (26)
Recombinant inbred line (261)
Intervarietal chromosome substitution line (62)
Synthetic Polyploid (230)
Aneuploid (853)
Monosomics (62)
Nulli-tetrasomics (42)
Telocentrics (64)
Deletion line (353)
Alien chromosome addition and substitution line (212)
Alien chromosome deletion and translocation line (100)
Gametocidal chromosome line (20)
Cytoplasmic substitution lines (47)
Core Set (96)
Afghanistan (96)
  Secale (48 lines)
Wild species (6)
Landrace/Cultivar/Breeders line (42)
  Other genera in Triticeae (12 lines)
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Wheat Genetics Symposium
WIS No.100 "Frontiers of Wheat Bioscience, edited by K. Tsunewaki " was published!
16 original reviews by frontier scientists, 260 pages with color figures. Purchase in order with 4000yen.
Order to Kihara Memorial Foundation, 641-12 Maioka-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, 244-0813 JAPAN
FAX: 81-45-825-3307

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