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Triticeae Full-Length cDNA

Hit Count : 16807
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Clone Accession No. Sequence Homology (BLAST) Request
Top hit (Definition) score E-Value
RFL_Contig1 AK330135 590bp acyl-CoA dehydrogenase domain protein [Thermus aquaticus Y51MC23] 76 7.52651
RFL_Contig2 AK331246 496bp hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa Japonica Group] 88 0.183054
RFL_Contig3 AK332357 579bp Os12g0571200 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 449 4.10959e-43
RFL_Contig4 AK333468 1399bp unknown [Zea mays] 406 1.8786e-37
RFL_Contig5 AK334579 704bp cell cycle protein FtsW [Bacillus cereus ATCC 10987] 79 5.11961
RFL_Contig6 AK335690 630bp polysaccharide biosynthesis protein [Methylobacterium extorquens PA1] 80 3.0672
RFL_Contig7 AK335964 840bp Os08g0444100 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 455 1.78147e-43
RFL_Contig8 AK336075 1091bp putative actin related protein 2/3 complex, 21 kDa subunit [Oryza sativa Japonica Group] 721 3.90674e-74
RFL_Contig9 AK336186 1191bp small basic membrane intrinsic protein1b [Zea mays] 837 1.57658e-87
RFL_Contig10 AK330136 1094bp Os03g0852400 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 216 1.41847e-15
RFL_Contig11 AK330247 605bp Os06g0124900 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 170 1.01738e-10
RFL_Contig12 AK330358 908bp unknown [Zea mays] 579 8.53226e-58
RFL_Contig13 AK330469 1946bp unknown [Zea mays] 2009 0
RFL_Contig14 AK330580 1478bp hypothetical protein OsI_006084 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 1256 5.5018e-136
RFL_Contig15 AK330691 526bp Chain 6, Structure Of Signal Recognition Particle Receptor (Sr) In Complex With Signal Recognition Particle (Srp) And Ribosome Nascent Chain Complex 544 3.02902e-54
RFL_Contig16 AK330802 651bp alpha purothionin [Triticum aestivum] 634 1.91765e-64
RFL_Contig17 AK330913 1540bp hypothetical protein OsI_006640 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 130 2.15161e-05
RFL_Contig18 AK331024 1163bp Os01g0606100 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 994 9.53461e-106
RFL_Contig19 AK331135 822bp Os08g0137400 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 504 3.5959e-49
RFL_Contig20 AK331247 2051bp hypothetical protein OsI_015958 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 793 2.8932e-138
RFL_Contig21 AK331358 568bp hypothetical protein [Plasmodium falciparum 3D7] 80 2.3312
RFL_Contig22 AK331469 896bp hypothetical protein OsI_024396 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 671 1.78891e-68
RFL_Contig23 AK331580 1936bp Pi-b protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 983 3.52447e-104
RFL_Contig24 AK331691 1507bp Os04g0493300 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 640 1.52026e-64
RFL_Contig25 AK331802 2073bp hypothetical protein OsI_012959 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 1662 0
RFL_Contig26 AK331913 1221bp hypothetical protein OsI_008098 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 870 2.43179e-91
RFL_Contig27 AK332024 853bp Os06g0663800 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 559 1.60662e-55
RFL_Contig28 AK332135 495bp unknown [Zea mays] 208 2.22732e-15
RFL_Contig29 AK332246 1284bp MYB_Al protein [Aeluropus littoralis] 609 4.83889e-61
RFL_Contig30 AK332358 1182bp unknown [Zea mays] 1151 6.03394e-124
RFL_Contig31 AK332469 559bp Os04g0376000 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 539 1.35205e-53
RFL_Contig32 AK332580 589bp EC protein I/II (Zinc metallothionein class II) 243 3.26459e-19
RFL_Contig33 AK332691 3679bp hypothetical protein OsJ_001238 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1333 0
RFL_Contig34 AK332802 614bp hypothetical protein CLONEX_01809 [Clostridium nexile DSM 1787] 76 8.41198
RFL_Contig35 AK332913 724bp hypothetical protein NFIA_107190 [Neosartorya fischeri NRRL 181] 86 0.831534
RFL_Contig36 AK333024 940bp hypothetical protein OsI_023546 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 498 2.24437e-48
RFL_Contig37 AK333135 1405bp L-lactate dehydrogenase A (LDH-A) 1611 3.52713e-177
RFL_Contig38 AK333246 672bp unknown [Zea mays] 542 9.39222e-54
RFL_Contig39 AK333357 758bp putative high mobility group protein [Triticum aestivum] 373 4.80531e-34
RFL_Contig40 AK333469 1042bp hypothetical protein OsJ_003866 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 911 3.40747e-96
RFL_Contig41 AK333580 614bp pTACR7 [Triticum aestivum] 211 1.86532e-15
RFL_Contig42 AK333691 773bp hypothetical protein OsJ_003884 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 749 1.24201e-77
RFL_Contig43 AK333802 2214bp putative nitrate transporter [Oryza sativa Japonica Group] 2430 0
RFL_Contig44 AK333913 967bp Os09g0530000 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 861 1.90609e-90
RFL_Contig45 AK334024 852bp Acyl carrier protein 1, chloroplast precursor (Acyl carrier protein I) (ACP I) 640 6.46458e-65
RFL_Contig46 AK334135 388bp hypothetical protein OsI_006414 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 196 5.29465e-14
RFL_Contig47 AK334246 679bp unknown [Zea mays] 126 1.67692e-05
RFL_Contig48 AK334357 566bp unknown [Zea mays] 476 2.81032e-46
RFL_Contig49 AK334468 3880bp putative helicase [Oryza sativa] 4833 0
RFL_Contig50 AK334580 874bp Endogenous alpha-amylase/subtilisin inhibitor (WASI) 965 1.40347e-102
RFL_Contig51 AK334691 828bp Os03g0352800 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 521 3.85102e-51
RFL_Contig52 AK334802 954bp Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase [Triticum aestivum] 796 6.39172e-83
RFL_Contig53 AK334913 1696bp Os08g0562500 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1714 0
RFL_Contig54 AK335024 1641bp Os05g0571100 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1494 1.59027e-163
RFL_Contig55 AK335135 1474bp Os01g0858700 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1528 1.5815e-167
RFL_Contig56 AK335246 971bp Os05g0460200 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 756 2.8414e-78
RFL_Contig57 AK335357 3233bp hypothetical protein OsI_023330 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 3508 0
RFL_Contig58 AK335468 2325bp hypothetical protein OsI_027171 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 2222 0
RFL_Contig59 AK335579 1780bp Os05g0103600 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1641 1.58614e-180
RFL_Contig60 AK335691 2617bp Os08g0288500 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1747 0
RFL_Contig61 AK335802 1142bp unknown [Zea mays] 1112 1.9237e-119
RFL_Contig62 AK335876 1094bp formiminotransferase-cyclodeaminase-like [Oryza sativa Japonica Group] 388 6.01342e-62
RFL_Contig63 AK335887 1100bp Os05g0516600 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1062 1.13843e-113
RFL_Contig64 AK335898 1094bp formiminotransferase-cyclodeaminase-like [Oryza sativa Japonica Group] 388 6.01342e-62
RFL_Contig65 AK335909 561bp Gamma-2-purothionin 281 1.11127e-23
RFL_Contig66 AK335920 1056bp Os01g0750000 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1025 2.10621e-109
RFL_Contig67 AK335931 1717bp unknown [Zea mays] 98 0.126728
RFL_Contig68 AK335942 539bp hypothetical protein OsJ_015978 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 393 1.03296e-36
RFL_Contig69 AK335953 1734bp Ureide permease 2, putative, expressed [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1801 0
RFL_Contig70 AK335965 870bp      
RFL_Contig71 AK335976 940bp hypothetical protein OsJ_010519 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 664 1.25852e-67
RFL_Contig72 AK335987 1674bp poor homologous synapsis 1 protein [Zea mays] 753 1.3707e-77
RFL_Contig73 AK335998 1223bp uroporphyrinogen III synthase [Triticum aestivum] 1236 8.85955e-134
RFL_Contig74 AK336009 2581bp hypothetical protein OsI_008224 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 2474 0
RFL_Contig75 AK336020 871bp salt tolerant protein [Triticum aestivum] 768 9.72524e-80
RFL_Contig76 AK336031 1188bp Os03g0439700 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1181 2.01968e-127
RFL_Contig77 AK336042 708bp hypothetical protein [Oryza sativa Japonica Group] 90 0.274075
RFL_Contig78 AK336053 750bp H0114G12.9 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 169 2.13616e-10
RFL_Contig79 AK336064 1094bp Os09g0526800 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1096 1.28821e-117
RFL_Contig80 AK336076 1223bp unknown [Zea mays] 1040 4.73054e-111
RFL_Contig81 AK336087 1160bp unknown [Zea mays] 731 2.97963e-75
RFL_Contig82 AK336098 657bp Os01g0314800 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 244 3.24161e-19
RFL_Contig83 AK336109 894bp hypothetical protein OsI_002854 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 849 4.09552e-89
RFL_Contig84 AK336120 1364bp putative ethylene-forming enzyme [Oryza sativa] 1302 2.29356e-141
RFL_Contig85 AK336131 1364bp putative ethylene-forming enzyme [Oryza sativa] 1302 2.29356e-141
RFL_Contig86 AK336142 893bp Os03g0356300 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 1028 7.13538e-110
RFL_Contig87 AK336153 1154bp putative senescence-associated protein [Oryza sativa Japonica Group] 1020 9.1035e-109
RFL_Contig88 AK336164 2074bp hypothetical protein OsI_000541 [Oryza sativa (indica cultivar-group)] 2037 0
RFL_Contig89 AK336175 943bp chitinase II precursor [Triticum aestivum] 1137 1.80813e-122
RFL_Contig90 AK336187 506bp Os02g0558300 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 349 1.09469e-31
RFL_Contig91 AK336198 849bp immunophilin [Zea mays] 549 2.28922e-54
RFL_Contig92 AK336209 771bp Os05g0383000 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 580 4.86751e-58
RFL_Contig93 AK336220 931bp unknown [Zea mays] 685 4.5435e-70
RFL_Contig94 AK336231 994bp HMG-I/Y protein HMGa [Triticum aestivum] 665 1.05605e-67
RFL_Contig95 AK336242 1618bp unknown [Zea mays] 1338 1.91934e-145
RFL_Contig96 AK336253 941bp Os04g0416700 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 879 1.48464e-92
RFL_Contig97 AK336264 743bp Os05g0314100 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 513 2.68823e-50
RFL_Contig98 AK336275 843bp hypothetical protein OsJ_029111 [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] 106 0.00531556
RFL_Contig99 AK336286 1706bp unknown [Zea mays] 479 8.32463e-46
RFL_Contig100 AK330137 756bp unknown [Zea mays] 266 1.21752e-21
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